Do you stock batteries?

Battery test sheet

We stock both “GEL” (batteries with a gelified electrolyte) and “AGM” (absorbed glass mat) batteries.

If batteries are looked after and charged properly, they should give good service.

Batteries should be charged at the end of use, even after a short trip.

The ideal time to leave a battery on charge is 12 hours.

Most chargers display a green light or LED, to show the batteries are fully charged. This is a guide only, most batteries will nee a few hours more charging to reach their full capacity.

Invacare Battery and charging systems

Sample Test Sheet’s for charger and battery testing

Do you have loan machines?

Most small repairs can be done on the spot. But if the repair is going to take longer, a loan scooter can be supplied.

The loan machine may not be the same model as the customers, but we will try our best to supply a suitable machine.

Are mobility scooters safe?

Please use the link below to download a copy of the L.T.S.A. Keeping Mobile Brochure. There are some very import issues in this that you as a user of a Mobility Scooter or Electric Wheelchair User should know.

Do you do puncture repairs?

tyre pressure chartPunctures happen to all of us. Usually more so as the tyre wear down.

Scooterworks service vehicle has an on board air compressor that allows us to repair punctures on the spot.

We carry a full range of New Tyres, Tubes and patches.

If your front tyres are wearing faster than your rear tyres, this means that the “wheel alignment” needs adjusting.

We can also fit “puncture proof” to your scooter, this will help to prevent punctures.

Where can I get more information?

Following are links to external Web sites that may be helpful to you.