Mobility Scooter Rentals

We can rent mobility scooters from $25.00 per week.

This rental includes maintenance and repairs.

The rental price will vary if a larger machine is needed or the rental period is less than 3 months.

Responsibilities regarding rental machines

Scooterworks Responsibility

The rental covers all maintenance and repairs necessary to keep the scooter in a safe and reliable condition if the machine is being used in a safe a careful way.

The rental covers puncture repair and tyre replacement if needed.

The rental includes a loan machine if a breakdown occurs.

We also like to talk about the rental with the family, to ensure the safety of the customer.

We will ensure that the customer has a mobility scooter, that they feel secure on, with comfortable seating.

If Scooterworks feel the machine is dangerous or is being used in a dangerous manner, then we reserve the right to remove the machine from the customer and cancel the rental.

Customers responsibility

The customer must provide safe and secure storage near a powerpoint, and ensure the batteries are recharged overnight after each trip.

The scooter must be safely and carefully to avoid hurting themselves or other people. Be aware of your legal obligations. Please download and read the “LTSA Brochure”

The customer must report any defect or fault on the scooter, to ensure the machine is maintained in a safe and reliable condition.

If the customer damages or crashes or otherwise harms the machine, then it could be taken off them. They could also be liable for the cost of repairs. If you have contents insurance, advise the insurance company, and get them to cover it.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the weekly rent is paid on time, and to make sure the rent payments are kept up to date.

Do not let children drive the mobility scooter.

Rental rates

The rental rate can be up to $75.00 per week if the term of rental is less than 3 months.

If the rental term is longer than 3 months the rental will be from $25.00 per week.