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mobility scooter requirements

What are your mobility scooter requirements?

Do you want to just use your scooter in or around the house, just to the corner dairy, or will you regularly use it for long trips around town? These points will determine what type and size of scooter will best suit your needs.

Driving Mobility Scooter

Tips on driving your Mobility Scooter

To stay safe while your are driving, there are a number of safety accessories available , such as lights, horns, turn signals, reversing beepers, warning flags and rear view mirrors. Consider which safety accessories you want on your scooter before you buy it so you are safe when you get on the road.

Service and Repairs

Shoprider Mobility Products – Troubleshooting

These are the most frequently encountered problems that our technical staff encounter.

Please check here for guidance before calling for service.

Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a second hand scooter?

Batteries and Chargers: Do they work, How old are they, Are they right for that scooter?If the scooter has been in storage, were the batteries disconnected to protect their longevity?