Second-Hand Equipment

We have a good range of secondhand scooters.

These machine are serviced before they are sold, and come with a full 1 year warranty.

This warranty covers parts and labour.


What to look for when buying a second hand scooter:

Batteries and Chargers:

Do they work, How old are they, Are they right for that scooter?

If the scooter has been in storage, were the batteries disconnected to protect their longevity?


Are they under warranty and for how long?

Are they replaceable in the distant future, or will this model soon be obsolete?


Is it right for your height and weight?.


Is the warranty still valid?

Are parts still available?


Will it cover the distances you want to travel?

Will it have the power for hill climbs?

Pre-purchase check:

A Pre-purchase check from a qualified retailer may cost you around $70.00.

Good value if it prevents purchase of a lemon.

Experienced retailers will advise you on the suitability of a model for your body type and purpose of use.

Self Assessment Check:

Can I turn the key, Adjust the dial, and manage the throttle?

Can I steer and turn tight corners?

Can I turn my head to the side, or or see behind when reversing?

Can I keep my balance when travelling over rough or uneven ground?

Can I adjust my body position when travelling up or down slopes?

Can I stay seated for extended periods of time?

Can I stand or walk short distances?


Can I clearly see obstacles and paving problems in my path; and react in time to avoid collisions?

Can I see objects in the periphery of my vision?

Perception and Memory:

Can I judge distances correctly?

Can I judge my own speed and that of other vehicles and pedestrians?

Can I remember all the safety procedures?

General advice:

“Compact” indicates a smaller scooter (e.g. may fit into car boots) Some travel as far as bigger scooters but may have no suspension and lack ground clearance.

Scooters that are too large and powerful are dangerous. Feet aren’t flat on footplates; riders can’t sit straight and may have little control of the tiller.

Seek advice and support but be involved in the purchase. Always try before you buy!

A new battery may cost you the price of a second hand scooter, add it to the initial cost.

Authorised Service Agents for maintenance and repairs, Pre-purchase checks and Roadside Rescue:

Scooter Works – Neil Wood
Phone 0508 472 6683
Mobile 027 535 9304

Scooters for hire or loan

WINZ funding through Disability Allowance may be available to assist with hire of a scooter.

Funding for new scooters only:

Phone Neil at Scooter Works for assistance in your application from NZ Lotteries Board.

So often the safety and joy of owning a scooter is compromised by a poor or hasty choice.

Buy Wisely!

Your safety and scooter is more important than dollars saved.

Please read our “Scooter Requirements” page.